Game Underground Monthly #05 XBOX ONE Tournament!

November 23, 2013 @ 4:00 PM
Game Underground
1251 Worcester Road
Framingham, MA 01701
10$ Venue

Come play XBOX One and PS4 as well as Fighting Game Tournaments. 8 players will compete for an XBOX One!

TOP 3 Players in SF will move on to the 8 man bracket to win an XBOX ONE at the end of the night!!!

12pm Mortal Kombat 9 $5
1pm Injustice $10
1pm Skullgirls $10
1pm KOF $10
2pm Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
4pm Killer Instinct
5pm Super Street Fighter IV AE $10
8pm (after AE FINALS)
8 Player Super Street Fighter IV To WIN AN XBOX ONE!

$10 Venue Fee Covers All Games

All games
1st 70% of entrance fees cash
2nd 20% of entrance fees cash
3rd 10% of entrance fees cash

We are hosting 3 Street Fighter IV qualifier tournaments that will end in a 8 player double elimination tournament Sat November 23rd and the winner will get a brand new XBOX ONE.

Sat October 19th: Rock and Shock Convention in Worcester first and second place get spots in the 8 man.

Sat November 2nd: Game Underground Monthly Tournament. Top 3 SF qualify.

Sat November 23: Game Underground Top 8 Finals Day. We will host a second day of fighting game tournaments. Top 3 SF qualify. At the end of the day we will run a separate 8 man double elimination tournament winner gets a XBOX ONE!

We will also have PS4s and XBOX One systems to play all day included in your venue fee! Its a next gen launch party!!! It will also be our first Killer Instinct Tournament.

The two events at GU will also have the usual 70/20/10% cash prizes for the tournaments with a $10 venue fee and $10 tournament fee.

3 players will qualify for our 8 man bracket to win an XBOX ONE on November 23! Plus Fighting Game Tournaments!

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